The Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pets

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You have a small art display show in your gallery and are now looking forward to hosting the annual art show. However, you’ve received complaints of stuffiness and pet hair issues from some of your loyal clients. Since you don’t want to face the embarrassment during the major art event, you’re looking for ways to combat these issues. After reading through some articles, you discover the best vacuum cleaner for pets. However, since you don’t know anything about the types of vacuum cleaners, here’s a comprehensive guide to choosing pet vacuums.

How to Choose the Best Pet Vacuum Cleaner

When selecting the best vacuum cleaner to get rid of the pet hair issues in your studio, you need to consider these factors:

The Type of Vacuum Cleaner You Need

You need to be sure if you want an upright, canister, cordless or bagged vacuum cleaner.

Upright vacuum cleaners, for instance, are perfect for large spaces, like your studio. What makes them the right fit is that you only have to push the vacuum in front and don’t have to bend down to clean. They also have the best turbo brushes.

Bagged vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, capture all the dust in a disposable bag. The hoovers also feature larger capacities, so there’s less maintenance and contact with dust. However, you’ll have to purchase replacements frequently.

Your Budgetary Options

You might also want to consider your financial situation. How much can you afford to buy a vacuum cleaner? According to most experts, buying a pet hair vacuum cleaner would cost anywhere between $50 and $1000. Cordless vacuum cleaners tend to be more costly, particularly if you want one with exemplary battery life.

Extra-Mini Tools

You also need to consider the extra tools or accessories that come with vacuum cleaners. These include tools like the:

  • Mini turbo tool – the most common additional tool that costs about $30. The compact cleaner head features a spinning brush bar and can be perfect for sucking up pet hair, lint and fibres from your sofa, stairs and other tricky spots the main floor tool might not reach.
  • Up-top tools – the flexible wand enables you to vacuum the tops of doors and on high shelves
  • Extension tubes – it offers you extra reach to tackle things like the ceiling cobwebs or long flights of stairs.

Choosing the perfect vacuum cleaner for your art studio isn’t hard, You just have to ensure that you prioritize and get yourself the best hoover to help tackle the air issues and have a blast at the annual art show!

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